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25 Fun Things to Do on Fremont Street

The only sure bet in Las Vegas is Lady Luck and she is unpredictable. It’s good to know your limits of how much you’re prepared to spend on betting when you’re playing in Las Vegas casinos. If you’ve blown your bankroll, its time to call it quits for the day, there’s still a lot to do and see on Fremont Street!

Here’s a list of fun things to do on Fremont Street while you’re waiting to get your gambling groove back.

1. Root for your most favorite Sigma Derby horse.
The traditional Sigma Derby slots on the 2nd floor of The D Las Vegas is a blast, not because the Sigma Derby machine is a tradition, but also due to the fact that Sigma Derby is more than a game of chance, it’s a must see (or must play) attraction. You can watch the races without wagering, but it’s a lot more fun when everybody’s rooting for their preferred horse or jockey.

2. Discover antiques at Main Street.
We’ve been to the Main Street Hotel and Casino a hundred times or more, however each and every single time we spot some brand-new antique or artifact. Stop by Main Street’s hotel registration desk and get a “Overview of Artifacts, Antiques and Artworks.” Main Street is a gold mine of fascinating antiques that you would wind up spending hours checking out. Oh, and do not miss out on a section of the Berlin Wall in the Hotel.

3. Take in the laser light shows.
The Ultimate free thing to do in Las Vegas is the Viva Vision light shows that occurs throughout each night at Fremont Street Experience. The visuals are magnificent and the 550,000-watt speaker system is brain rattling.

4. Try your luck with a complimentary slot spin.
Outside Binion’s and Four Queens Casinos, take your turn on complimentary slot machines and you could end up with of totally free play at the casino or other prizes. Be careful other totally free spins on Fremont Street, some are just to get you in the door.

5. Take a look at the city’s first cinema.
The first theater in Las Vegas is still standing. It’s called El Portal, and it was the very first air-conditioned building in Las Vegas. It’s now a gift shop in The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

6. Get your image with a million dollars.
This one’s a must-do whenever you’re downtown. Binion’s deals guests a totally free picture of a million dollars in money. (You can take a picture using your very own cam, too, but please, no flash.) It takes about 20-30 minutes for the images to turn up at the casino’s gamer loyalty club desk. Make sure to get a leaflet at the image op desk. It consists of a lots of giveaways for new commitment club sign-ups.

7. Time travel on Fremont East.
If you’re up for a stroll to clear your head, take a walk over to Fremont East. Along this part of Fremont Street you’ll find 18 bronze “medallions” embedded in the walkway. Each medallion provides a look into the history of Las Vegas, including interesting memories about Vegas icons like Benny Binion, “Bugsy” Siegel, Wayne Newton and Steve Wynn.

8. Take a picture with Vegas Vic.
He’s recognized around the globe as a sign of Las Vegas and its well known “Glitter Gulch” (a label given downtown Las Vegas because of its stunning lights). Vegas Vic stands watch over the Pioneer Gift Store, next to Golden Nugget.

9. Take the famous Banger Brewery tour.
Yes, Downtown Las Vegas has its own microbrewery, and Banger Brewhouse offers totally free trips of its facilities. Banger Brewhouse is situated near the base of the SlotZilla zip line liftoff tower. Check the Banger Brewery website for information about these exciting tours.

10. People-watch.
We can’t forget the most obvious complimentary diversion at Fremont Street Experience, the people-watching. Visitors from all over the world come to Fremont Street, and its visitors are truly a sight to behold. If you ‘d like to sit and view the festivities, we have actually created a list of 11 Fantastic Places to Sit and People-Watch at Fremont Street Experience for your benefit.

11. Visit the world’s largest working fire hydrant.

Downtown Las Vegas Worlds Largest fire hydrant
Everything’s larger in Las Vegas, and Fremont Street is home to exactly what’s billed as the world’s biggest working fire hydrant. The 14.5-foot-tall fire hydrant is a few blocks east of the SlotZilla tower, on Fremont East.

12. See the world’s most significant keno board.
It’s big, it’s enjoyable and it’s totally free to see! Take a look at the world’s greatest keno board at The D Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.

13. Discover the rocker sign at Golden Gate.
The Golden Gate is the oldest casino in Las Vegas, and it’s where Vegas got its start. Near the hotels valet entryway you’ll discover numerous vintage slot devices, including to the hotel and casinos old-school beauty.

14. Take in the toys at Neonopolis.
In the Neonopolis shopping plaza, there’s Toy Shack, a toy store known worldwide thanks to the cable TV series, “Pawn Stars.” Walk the aisles of this toy store and you’ll see countless vintage and hard-to-find toys. It’s a family-friendly activity that’ll revive some memories, whether you’re buying, just looking or simply killing time.

15. Watch the craps table.
Craps tables in Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos have to be among the very best forms of entertainment in the world. Craps is practically always the loudest, most energetic game on the casino floor, and while it’s fun to play, it’s amusing just to enjoy, too. Observing a craps game in progress is a fantastic way to find out the game’s lingo and rituals, and dealers are delighted to provide info about the exciting game.

16. Dance in the street.
Fremont Street Experience hosts totally free entertainment nightly on three phases. You make certain to discover a show that makes you wish to dance in the streets. In addition to nighttime home entertainment, Fremont Street Experience also puts on a series of summer season performances including world-class acts in a party atmosphere. Examine the Fremont Street Experience calendar for information.

17. Rub a piece of the Blarney Stone.
Legend has it this piece of rock at The D is a part of the Blarney Stone. Rub it for excellent luck, but do not kiss it. That’s gross.

18. Enjoy stylish bartenders.
Practically anybody can make a cocktail, but the flair bartenders at The D Las Vegas and Golden Gate take bar tending to another level. Flair bar tending, also called “flairtending,” has a lot in typical with balancing, however on Fremont Street, it’s everything about amusing guests and providing a memorable program. There’s more trick bar tending inside at The D, at the hotel’s Vue Bar, upstairs, and Longbar.

19. Weigh yourself at Heart Attack Grill.
The Heart Attack Grill is a truly distinctive dining establishment. The establishment is famous for its decadent menu and irreverent sense of humor. Outdoors, there’s a weight scale touting the reality anybody who weighs more than 300 pounds gets free burgers. If your big enough, get on the scale and you’re bound to draw a crowd.

20. Sleep with the fishes.
Inside the renowned Golden Nugget gambling establishment are two aquariums. The Tank is house to sharks and other fish, with a water slide running through it, making it one of the most award-winning and talked-about swimming pools in Las Vegas.

21. Look for the world’s biggest pint glass.
Hennessey’s Tavern is a bar and restaurant on the eastern most end of Fremont Street Experience (once again, not far from the SlotZilla tower). Towering over the restaurant is what’s promoted as the world’s largest pint glass. It’s not really a pint “glass,” obviously, however it does make a terrific media event for enthusiasts of frothy beverages.

22. Rub elbows with lucky arms.
Long, lucrative craps rolls are the things of legend in Las Vegas. On May 29, 1989, Stanley Fujitake rolled the bones for an extraordinary 3 hours and six minutes. In 2003, a Golden Arm Wall of Popularity was created to honor other craps professionals with remarkable dice-throwing capabilities. You can see the Wall of Popularity at Fremont casino, and there’s another collection of honors on the bridge in between The California and Main Street casino.

23. Rub Buddha’s tummy.
In Vegas, you can never ever have excessive rubbing. You could use a little assistance with your mojo if you have actually spent your gambling allowance. Rubbing the Chuckling Buddha’s stomach for great luck is a time-honored custom, and there’s a big Buddha statue for rubbing near the hotel registration desk at the California Hotel and Casino, just off Fremont Street.

24. Have a brush with poker greats.
Outside the well known Binion’s poker room is suspended a poker table with the autographs of lots of poker stars. Binion’s was the initial house of the World Series of Poker, and numerous of its most popular professional gamblers appear on this legendary piece of Vegas souvenirs. And here’s our last recommendation of something to do if you have actually blown through your gaming allowance.

25. Drink.
Hey, different allowance.

We hope you’ve found something fun to do on our list, and if you find others, please leave a remark with your idea.

Eventually, among the very best non-gambling things to do on Fremont Street is make brand-new pals. Making new buddies is totally free, and if it’s not, she isn’t really looking to be your “buddy,” which’s prohibited in Las Vegas!

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Have a good time and all the best!

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